In the new-normal, online classes are the rule rather than the exception. Making an online version of an existing class is a lot more than slapping your old lectures on Canvas, Blackboard or Moodle. Today's remote students need more, and "Crafting Course Content" will give you the know-how to make it happen.


Packed full of tips, tools and advice, this 60-page marvel will make your online content sparkle. Learn the best strategies for designing your course content, how to create compelling videos, and memorable slideshows.

There are also chapters on how to bring audio into the mix, demystify screencasting and how to bring experts, opinion leaders and up-to-the-minute information to your class by using interviews as content. And this wealth of easy-to-use information isn't just for academics. 

Anyone who wants to elevate their online game, from YouTubers, to social activists, to someone who needs to create an online training for a Fortune 500 company, or considers turning tutorials into an online course, can benefit from this book.

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